Tuesday, 2 February 2010

9 months in....

I have been thinking about how far we have come since we started this journey with baby led weaning. The best way to see progress, I find, is to look back at how things were compare them to how they are now. I use this a lot when I feel anything is moving slowly. I think what made me realised how far Tabitha has come is comparing the two videos that we have taken and posted. The messy phase really didn't last that long, the cleaning up wasn't bad at all and now is mainly just face and hand, we very rarely use bibs. Tabithas hand to eye co ordination is excellent and her pincher grip has really come along in two weeks and she practises this when I'm feeding her on my hands! Today she was really easily picking up grapes and making her mouth first time. The quantity of food she is eating has really picked up too.
Typical day..
bf 6ish
breakfast 8ish
bf 11ish followed by lunch
tea 5ish
bf and bed 6ish
bf between 2-4

Its not until you write it down that you realise you ARE in a routine!
I am not just giving Tabitha finger foods as with my other girls it was lumpy textures they struggled with, so I think it is really important that they experience all textures. I think I just now need to focus on more veg and things like omlettes.

I have found the whole experience of BLW like a breath of fresh air, very easy, simple to follow and a complete delight.I have found the Baby Led Weaning forum very useful for support,advice and food ideas... LOve it love it love it... I just hope now that when she get to one and the neo phobic ness kicks in that it has all been worth it!!! I'm sure it will be :)

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