Friday, 19 February 2010

Baby Led Weaning Forum...

I have been think what a fabulous resource and life saver this forum has been while we have been blw. When I started out looking for information on blw there really wasn't much on the internet apart from a few mentions on baby sites. One of the most useful site I found was Jacob led weaning, a mothers blog on her journey of blw, this really gave me faith that I wouldn't be a;lone when I started to blw tabitha, it also lead me to the forum where I have found food ideas, any questions answered, read about any problems before they occured so any concerns I did have have been solved before I came across them. It has probably been the main reason that we have been able to stick to our guns and continue with blw, not that I have come across many hurdles, but with the return to work and nursry to overcome i'm sure I will find reassurance on this site... So I would like to thank all the mums and dads on the forum for their wealth of knowledge and can only hope that I can be as useful to new starters when I become an oldie!! If you are starting out please visit

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