Monday, 8 March 2010

10 months in....

Things are begining to change, it has happened so gradually that I really haven't noticed but Tabitha is now really eating for her hunger and not drinking her milk for hunger. Sometimes now i will give her a feed first, but other times not and she's perfectly happy either way. She still has her feed in the morning, then one at lunch, tea and small one before bed. So it looks like we're down to 4 a day... :( I suppose it was bound to happen and probably because she's blw it has been more prolonged and frequent but I'll miss bf, but I know that when she does stop she has had the best start that I can give her....

On the other hand the mess is almost gone, she is very competant feeding herself with a pre loaded spoon and picking up grapes etc she has totally mastered, I noticed the other day that she was holding her toast in one hand and breaking of bits to put into her mouth with the other hand, cute. She also makes very clear signals that she's hungry and wants more by getting excited and shouting, and also when shes had enough she knocks the spoon away or bails the food over the side.

If I was to compare her to my other daughters at this time they were choking on lumpy textures and just couldn't manage to swallow them so we were unable to move forward from purees, they could manage finger foods but not lumps, this is why I probably haven't been 100% true to blw as I felt it was important that she could manage lumps! Thats why I'm so pleased she eats rice pudding!!

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