Tuesday, 3 August 2010

15 Month Update....

I am on holiday from work so I have a few minutes to post and update! I wanted to note how Tabitha was doing especially now it is not me that is doing her main feeding.
I have noticed that if she is hungry she will quite happily be fed, I guess she thinks why do you fill the spoon, give me the spoon and then I feed myself..just cut out the middle man! I'm fine with this as there are some times now when you just don't have the time to let them feed themselves. But when she has had enough she asks for the bowl and spoon and then feeds herself really well. It's a mixture of hand and spoon feeding but I have seen that she can now load a spoon and eat from it really well.
many people comment on how good she is with her hands, I believe this is a result of being baby led and she is also very gentle when it comes to touching anybody.
So all in all we are still really pleased with the lasting effects of being Baby Led.....

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