Monday, 12 October 2009

Back Story..The road to BLW

I thought I would write down our journey to BLW. I have two older daughters born in 1996 and 1998, attitudes to weaning were very different to what they are today, I hadn't realised this until I started to research weaning again. In 1996 had Bea wanted to take anything from our plate the attitude would be that it would be rude and the height of bad manners and wouldn't be encouraged at all... and now after 13 years of heightened tension over mealtimes I very much regret this.
I started BF with my first daughter, but as it can be with most first children we weren't very successful and I gave up after 3 weeks of agony, when she started on a bottle she developed a severe case of Reflux, now I have seen since that when a baby starts to eat they can associate pain with eating because of the burning sensation in the throat. We started to wean as early as possible as we didn't know any different and WHO guidelines were to wean at 17weeks then not 6 months! DD1 didn't enjoy the food and this was the start of our problems, I should have left it and gone back but was just told to carry on regardless. Obviously as a mother you want to feed your baby and I felt under pressure to do so. DD1 didn't enjoy any food other than packet food, which really is just different coloured mush that tastes a little different everytime, she showed a preference very early on for beige coloured food and I reinforced this by only giving her beige coloured food! Not good! When the time came to introduce lumpy food things really took a turn for the worse....TBC.....

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