Wednesday, 11 November 2009

8 days in..

My what a difference a week makes, it is amazing how little ones pick things up so quickly. Tabs would have 3 meals a day I think but I am trying to hold off a little so she can still get plenty of breastmilk. Breakfast is a given, she has milk on waking then about 8 has her breakfast, the last couple of days she has had porridge on a loaded spoon, she seems to be eating quite a lot of it too! She seems to love homemade soup, its not a puree it is soup!, but I give this to her either on a loaded spoon or breadstick, today though I gave her bread dipped in soup which she ate easily. I have noticed today that when she drops food on the high chair she can now pick it up and put it in her mouth, her hand to eye coordination has really improved in a very short time. Her sleeping patterns have improved during the week but I think that is coincidence as we have put her in the moses basket in her cot in her own room, so I don't think she is as disturbed through the night. It has been a brilliant week foodwise, long may it continue.....

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