Sunday, 8 November 2009

BLW and BGT!

Well it's been a busy old weekend, my 10 year old had decided to audition for Britains got talent, in Newcastle which is at least an hourand a half away plus all the waiting time..I was getting a little stressed about how we were going to manage and i had a sore boob as tabitha had bitten or gummed me as the girls like to the worry of if Sebastianna would actually go through with it... I had no need to worry on any score, the audition could not have gone better I was very proud of what Basti achieved and on the BLW front tabitha was very easy, we didn't take anything special with us except the organix carrot crunch sticks, I fed Tabitha in the holding area which was packed hyperactive auditionees and she then happily crunched away on carrot sticks and some of my cheese sandwich, she was filmed by the crew who wanted her to wave at the camera but only being 6 months she was unable to oblige but as she was eating finger food and feeding herself they can be forgiven for thinking she could! Look out for a tiny baby, not waving but with a very orange,dirty face on your screens next year!!!

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