Friday, 6 November 2009

Porridge Pancakes!

Things have really been going well this week. We have just looked at some photos taken in the last two weeks and all of them are of Tabitha eating something or other, we are just so amazed at a child that will eat without refusing ANYTHING! Today we tried the Porridge Pancake receipe that we discovered on the Baby Led Weaning forum, They were really easy to make and Tabitha really enjoyed them, I have video but our usual laptop is out of order so I will add another time. We ate out today and Tabitha was able to sit in the high chair for a little while, she tried some cucumber,pepper, some panini (which she really seems to like as she can suck it) and Kiwi which was devoured with some vigour, I had left the skin on two thirds of the outside to make it easier to hold and I think she had some of that as well!! The amazing thing this week ahs been the amount of dirty nappies we have had this week, up to 5 a day so she must be consuming quite a bit, we usually have about 1 every two weeks being a breastfed baby, so its been quite a change but in an excellent way....

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