Thursday, 19 November 2009

BLW,mess and clearing up!

Tabs has had two meals today, breakfast was weetabix followed by banana and for lunch Lentil Dahl as I saw recommended on the BLW forum with pitta bread and hummus. Both of these meals were very very messy which got me thinking about how I would have handled this 13 years ago, and the answer is that obviously I wouldn't have been able to as I would have thought that it was bad to leave Bea looking such as mess and ruining her clothes etc... but with that in mind this time around I know that it is sooo inportant for the baby to get to feel the food, wear the food and generally throw it around (I was wearing it too) I know that this is teaching Tabs not to fear food, to enjoy it and therefore I can enjoy it too. She was sick yesterday half way through our meal and then tried to pick things out of this! Years ago I would have probably screamed outloud and made her jump and generally over reacted...she wasn't bothered so we just laughed it off... I;ll probably say this alot in my blog...but hindsight is a wonderful thing! I'm attaching a picture of her covered in soup...and I'm so proud!! So just if anybody ever reads this and you worry about the mess and ruined clothes...don't... embrace it!!!...

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That's disgusting!