Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Stress free eating while away..

We went away to Manchester for the weekend and as I am really not trying to give Tabs special food etc I wondered how we would go on. I took some fruit, yogurt and rusks for ease but we only used these in the morning for breakfast and the rest of the time she just picked at what we had and bf. We went out to TGI Fridays on saturday night where she had some brushetta and then promptly fell asleep, only stiring when the staff sang a very loud birthday song to Sebastianna!! All in all I would say that BLW and bf made what could have been a really stressful weekend much much easier... I didn't have to take bottles, or peel loads of fruit and veg to make meals which we would then have had to store, bliss. Especially when you consider that my middle daughter can do in some resturants and not eat anything on the menu except chocolate cake!

She doing very well with her tapping, she was tapping in the middle ofTGI's because she had a hot dog but it looked different to what she normally has, but all credit to her she tapped away all by herself and then woolfed the lot! My mum thinks its all in her mind..but as long as it has the desired effect what does it matter?

ps our photo computer still not working,but hopefully will get some pics up this some great ones of tabs covered in food..ahhhhh

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