Sunday, 22 November 2009

Busy days and BLW

Today was one of those incredibly busy days that was just nonstop, will very little free time and plans changing by the hasn't helped we have had some flooding, not in the house thankfully but our field was swept away but thankfully not the horses! Anyway my mum had Tabitha most of the day, I think the longest she has had her for in one sitting due to her being exclusively bf. We woke up late and Basti had 15mins to be ready and out, I had to put Tabitha in the baby walker, while I made a packed lunch, she was hungry so I gave her a wakey wakey cakey which was brilliant as she just fed herself!! My mum was a bit worried about giving her a banana later in the day ,so I told her not to worry as I didn't want her to add tension to mealtimes, but she did, as she has read The Book and knows all the theory! I was really pleased that she did overcome her worry. She made Tabs some veg for tea too, so she has done really well today. So I haven't really fed Tabitha today but what I wanted to say was that BLW really came into it's own today as we were too busy to be making special meals so being able just to give her whatever we were having was great and really really easy...

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