Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Health Visitors and Weekly Shopping

Had a visit from my HV the other day, she's really pleased with Tabithas progress and also very interested in Baby Led Weaning, really taking the lead from the mothers in the village that are choosing to use this method. Tabitha has put on some weight in the last month, she is only wee but is finally reached the 13lb mark!
I went Asda shopping today and it really made me realise how little effort you have to put into BLW as everything,(almost maybe not the 3 for £10 bottles of wine), that I picked up Tabitha could eat and I spent hardly anytime at all in the baby aisle. I noticed a lady shopping with her son who must have been 2, and he was telling her which baby meals he would like, I am hoping that when Tabitha is 2 I don't even really need to visit that aisle! She was also excellent in the trolley today, she must have been full from her Big Breakfast! Downside of that was I spent a fortune as I had the time to browse!! Also tried Tabs with cup, I couldn't find the baby cup that we were given by the HV so we just used a normal cup and she managed fine....

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