Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas Parties!!!

Tabitha went to her first Christmas Party today which she seemed to enjoy. There was games, Father Christmas and Presents and also party food, now previously with my other two daughters this would be the stressful bit, DD1 would not have sat at the table at all and DD2 would have just ate the chocolate and crisps..I have realised in the last couple of days that I really just want Tabitha to eat all of the things that we come acroos in daily life, for example I love rice pudding but can never make one as I am the only one that will eat it!!  So I bought her a rice pudding to try she loved it so I'm going to make one this week..yum yum..this followed through at the party today so I gave Tabitha a ham sandwich and a sausage which she quite happily played with... I do feel very relaxed about the whole thing and now feel I can trust Tabitha to eat as she is chewing and then swallowing very well. I bought some mini pancakes on friday and I crushed some blueberries on them as a spread these went down very very well and it turns out that Basti loves these too!! Win Win...

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