Tuesday, 29 December 2009

It's been a busy time..

Well today we finally managed an 'in' day! It's been so busy.. Tabitha's appetite has finally returned, it's taken it's time but she must be feeling better now as she has not stopped eating today. I am eternally grateful to blw at this time because I can imagine how stressed I would have been had I been feeding her 3 meals a day, so instead of offering her food I have just bf her and then when she has started ;looking and grabing at our food again we have offered again. So as a result she has not picked up any stress around food and now we can just pick up where we left off! Great!
We also got to thinking today how we as a society have preconcieved ideas about what children will eat, as we overheard a conversation where a child went to grab something of a parents plate and the child was told 'no, you won't like that'.. I have done this in the past before blw, as our societies attitude seems to be children will only like 'childrens food' ie beans,chips,jelly etc and will have to learn how to like more 'adult' food, but this is learnt behaviour as we tell them they won't like it. This is the same kind of harmless comment that used to be made to DD1 when she had her sickness phobia. How many times do you hear 'don't eat all that you'll be sick'? It was only when we used to hear an extreme reaction to that that we realised how damaging harmless comments can be.....

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