Sunday, 28 February 2010

Nothing much to report!! But that's probably a good thing!!

Tabitha out shopping!

I really feel that I don't have much to report regarding blw at the moment, I don't think we're in a rut it's just that it's going really smoothly! Tabitha is getting very good at feeding herself, she is starting to recognise foods she really likes..satsumas being something that seem to really get her excited. She will try anything if she's hungry and makes really clear signals when she's had enough to eat, swiping the food or spoon away. We have been slightly distracted lately as dd1's emetaphobia has returned with a vengence and has really distracted us from all other things. It's really does reinforce to me though the importance of blw in getting lo relationship with food right so she does not have to go through anything like this. Our hv came this week for a visit, lo has put on about a pound in a month so she was really pleased. I gave her Gill Rapleys book to read last time and I think it has been read by a few hv's as I don't have it back yet! She did a presentation for her manager and used some pictures of lo that I sent her so she's really on board. It really is something that people do not know about and yet when we are out and about and it's in practice very few people stare or comment, probably as Tabs is quite happily eating away and not crying! I think it will be many years before this becomes the norm, as a society we are so indoctrinated with puree weaning being the norm that very few people question it! I think we need to pester this morning to do a feature on blw..that would get people talking!!!

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