Sunday, 28 February 2010

Brainwashing is everywhere!!!

I wanted to post this separately as it's something I feel quite strongly about. I was filling in Tabithas baby book that other day and came across the wording..things I like to eat and thinks I don't like to eat! Now that may seem harmless enough in itself but there was a similar wording in dd1's baby book and at five months old I wrote 'doesn't like orange food!' which I would have wrote LOL after nowadays but then LOL meant lots of love! This became like a mantra as dd1 did not indeed eat orange food until she was 11 and only since last summer has she eaten beans! Whereas in reality i should have kept offering orange food, I didn't as 'she didn't like it' Arghhhhh!!! THis was a confirmation of the fact that she was 'Fussy' she was labelled and that was it... If only I  knew then what I know now.....

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