Monday, 1 March 2010

What do you need to blw....

I was thinking about this today. I don't know about you but if I'm starting something new I usually throw myself in hook line and sinker and order everything I'm 'supposed' to 'need'. My theory is that this is why blw is not a popular way of there's no money in it! All you need is 'the book' (baby led weaning by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett) obviously, a good high chair, that allows the baby to sit at the table as part of the family and is easy to clean, a few chunky short spoons (with short handles) I made the mistake of using weaning spoons, so Tabs probably gagged more than she needed to anyway! Normal cutlery is just as good too..(see no extra cost), lots of bibs, baby wipes, a dog or splash mat and lots of tolerance... that's it!  I always look at the things on the baby aisle when I go shopping and marvel at all the things I don't need to buy and think about how much money I am saving.

Point in question Tabs playing with Wrapping paper on Christmas day

We always said while pregnany with Tabitha that we didn't have to spend too much on her, Basti even told the midwife that I'd said this baby is having nothing, she can play with a pan and wooden spoon! but i stand by that.we,ve done it before and I have learnt that babies/children really do not need all the things that are on the shelves and we are lead to believe that we cannot live without..there is soooo much pressure that you can be made to feel guilty if your baby doesn't have the latest 'thing'. Tabs has very few toys and we don't offer them all the time so she can amuse herself and isn't overly stimulated. We decided to do it cheap now..cos we know that with teenagers it a whole new ball game!!!

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