Sunday, 28 February 2010

Baby Signing Update...

Having a post fest!!
Just wanted to put down on record how Tabs is doing with baby signing. She has her little tricks that she does now..
Dancing..well wobbling head seem to count as dancing, very funny especially as her fave is Lady Gaga, must get that on video.
Soooo Big
Clap hands
Waving bye and hello and also used for night night
Gimme five!
gives her spoon back for more food
She will do these to order and I believe once she starts to point it will be easier to show her signs that she is interested in. We are starting with animals, we have a cat, dog and horse, mummy, daddy, sister, hot,eat,bed and I cannot wait until she shows me that she understands..meanwhile we just keep plugging away.. I feel it will be any day now!

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