Monday, 10 May 2010

One Year Old!!!

 Tabitha was one last month and blw has been so much more than weaning.. I have come to realise that is has permeated all aspects of child rearing. It has affected our daily lives in to many ways, it has made us realise that you can trust your childs instincts in many ways, we have not had to have any battles of control and Tabitha still hasn't learnt to say NO!
We are so happy with how it has turned out and feel blessed that we found it just in time.
I am currently putting together a video of tabitha eating now and then I am going to put the blog to bed as I am returning to work shortly but also I feel that I am no longer baby led weaning as I feel that I now have a daughter with good eating habits that will last her for life. we will still stick to the principles of blw forever and \i will update in future, I am hoping that we don't hit the fussy stage, but even so I feel I am prepared to treat that as exactly that 'A STAGE!!!'

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope it has helped anybody starting out...

Baby Led Weaning is the most natural way of weaning your baby and exactly the way everyone should be doing it.

Just to finish... i live in a rural area and my HV is converting mothers by telling them about the way lambs are reared... they are born, they take milk from their mother and when they are ready they have a bit of grass while still taking milk until eventually they just eat grass.... All the packets, jars, baby juices, small pasta shapes, crusts away bread, No Bits yogurt etc etc are all an invention to get us to spend much more money than we ever need to when rearing our children... a total invention!

Wean your baby the easy way... Try baby led weaning!!

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