Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Creating a new habit..

It was time to take Sebastianna back to the complimentary therapist today to catch up on her progress with her EFT. She had started off very very well making and trying her cheese on toast, but it had become more difficult with her as she could not be bothered to do her tapping. We explained that tonight, and we had decided that it really is a habit she has, to just refuse food point blank. She is going to try now to just eat what we do at night, using her tapping and eating just as much as she wants without me having to tell her and then email the therapist every night to tell her what she has done. I was thinking that she really is a blank canvas where food is concerned as she thinks of all food the same and has no distinction between lovely food ie pasta and not so nice food ie brussel sprouts! So we could almost use BLW with her but in this case TLW... Tweenie Led long as she can get over her fear of trying new this space....Her goal is to join in a Christmas Dinner x

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